Thursday, 19 July 2007

Drugs in golf!!??

What a shocker! The faux outrage from Retief Goosen will certainly convince many that Gary Player's comments were way out of line...

Any sport where there are millions of dollars at stake will have its fair share of drug cheats. The very fact that the top performers, earners and endorsement leaders in numerous sports (baseball, cycling and track and field, for example) eventually go on to be outed as brazen cheaters jacked up on steroid cocktails is motivation enough for many. That they may be one day caught is irrelevant. Their dreams will have been realized and their hundreds of millions stashed.

That the athletes who end up as professional golfers somehow hold themselves to a higher standard is laughable. Where does this supposed iron-clad resistance to temptation come from? The pretension surrounding the game?

There are always indignant outbursts from people like Goosen whenever subsequent sports come under the inevitable rumblings regarding drug cheats. It only makes those with insider info and an axe to grind all the more likely to bring evidence to the forefront sooner rather than later.

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