Saturday, 23 June 2007

Basille vs. Bettman

The disrespect being shown to Basille on the potential purchase of the Predators is downright bizarre.

Here is someone who is offering way over market value to an owner hemorrhaging tens of millions of dollars a year. Someone who is taking the appropriate steps to show that in fact he can operate a franchise and it can be supported in Hamilton.

This is an important issue for the league, yet because of juvenile posturing the fools decided not to officially discuss the issue at the recent NHL board of governors meeting. They should be addressing the issue as soon as possible and not putting it off until September. At least there are some owners who seem to recognize the logic in helping Basille relocate the franchise to Ontario, if anonymous sources in various articles are to be believed.

Yet Bettman's pathological, demented urge to continue looking for opportunities in U.S. cities that will become failed franchises down the road is blinding him. How can he not see that this would be good for the league in so many ways? The rabid excitement and success of the team in Ontario (at least financially) could be a model for Americans to see what an NHL team can do for a community.

If he continues getting jerked around and obstacles are thrown in his way, it would serve the fools right if he pulled out and nobody stepped forward as another potential owner.

How deep are his pockets? A rival league started by Basille would be the most righteously satisfying eventuality if the real "clowns" in the NHL don't wake up and realize what an asset he can be for everyone interested and associated with the game.

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