Friday, 22 June 2007

NHL Draft

The claim by Toronto Maple Leafs manager John Ferguson that he plans on rebuilding the team through the development of young players somehow doesn't jibe with the trade he has made to acquire goalie Vesa Toskala.

But Ferguson really has nothing to lose regarding his credibility or future. If the Leafs don't have a winning record 10 or 20 games into next season, he will no longer be general manager of the Leafs.

5 or 10 years down the road Leafs fans may be looking with dismay at the 3 draft picks that were sacrificed to get Toskala and forward Mark Bell, who was also included in the trade.

A tacit admission by Ferguson that the deal he made to bring Raycroft on board at the same time last year hasn't panned out. Raycroft didn't seem overly bothered by his average play last year and the fact that he was yanked in the most important game of the season. Perhaps having some competition for the top job will spur him on to performing better. Or, perhaps not.

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