Saturday 4 August 2007

Props to the Edmonton Oilers

For having the most globally aware website.

In the past few days I signed up to numerous NHL clubs' websites and the newsletters they send out via e-mail. On the online sign-up forms, a handful didn't even have space for any other country except for the U.S.(San Jose's site comes to mind.) Of course, many did have options for other countries.

What set the Oilers apart is that when I selected Thailand as country of residence, they actually had a drop-down menu with provinces in Thailand to choose from.

Not a big deal, but the kind of small touch that makes a person think the site is designed with users in mind.

Most of the sites are designed with what is likely an NHL supplied template design so as to provide a relatively consistent look and feel. All are very slick and content-rich and worth checking out if you are a fan.

All NHL teams' websites can be accessed here.

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