Thursday, 16 August 2007

Universiade Update: Day 8 Photo Gallery

On day 8 I watched 2 basketball games, Germany versus Russia, and Japan against Serbia. Both were fairly lopsided yet still entertaining affairs.

Germany making a layup

2 for Germany

Russia making a 3 pointer

Pacino taking time out from his filming schedule to do some reffing

Pacino surveying the action

"I'm asking you to defer to me on, well...everything. Or we'll have to chat after the game..."

Russia won the game with relative ease, 94-76.

Japanese fans before the game

This was the story of the game between Japan and Serbia. Japan set foot over the centre court line and they were stapled to the floor by the Sebian defense. Serbia forced their opponents to the 24 second buzzer on many occasions, resulting in many poor shots and turnovers from Japan.

Solid defense from Serbia

This Serbian bruiser scooped up a boatload of rebounds

"What? I'm not allowed to bury someone in the hardwood when they go up for a shot?"

More stifling defense from Serbia

Making it difficult for Japan

Japan player swarmed as he dares to step into Serbian territory

Number 9 shooting for 3

2 points inside

Japanese fans hammered into silence

After the half-time break it was never close. Final score 76-62 for Serbia.

Universiade 2007 is almost finished with many competitions wrapping up on day 9 and final ceremonies on day 10. Despite the inconveniences, it's been fun.

Universiade 2007 mascot. Apparently no special name. As far as I know, it's known simply as "rabbit."