Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Something's not right with this Canadian flag...

I usually don't attach too much significance to the paraphernalia of patriotism. I'm proud of the country where I was born and grew up but cautious of all the tribalistic oaths, platitudes and associated symbols that come with nationalism.

Still, I guess I've always liked the Canadian flag and what it represents in terms of our generally unbiased role in the world and the social institutions and culture we've built in our country. I've never owned a flag. Never sewn one on my backpack (and always had a suspicion that tales of Americans doing this so as to avoid danger while abroad is a myth.) I suppose I like the way it looks.

I probably underestimate the number of times I've seen it in my life. An accurate image of it is no doubt burned in my mind.

That's why it was kind of jarring today when I saw the Canadian flag flying at the flag ceremony location at the Thammasat University campus near Bangkok, Thailand, where the Universiade 2007 (World University Games) is being held. There's something not quire right about it...

Canadian flag at Universiade 2007

Compare the flag above to the one I'm used to seeing:

As you can see on the photograph of the flag being flown at Universiade, the size of the maple leaf is way off in proportion to the white space and the nodes are too short.

I'm not sure if this version is being used by the Canadian team for all the events and situations where flags are being displayed. Perhaps the one at the festival of flags is an aberration.

I'm not outraged or "looking to get something done about this."

It's just a bit off...

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